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Anti-Barking Devices: What Are They?

Anyone who owns a dog knows how wonderful they can be. But when one has a barking problem, it can be hard to know how to respond. There are products out there that claim to control barking, but what are they, exactly? And are they safe? Let’s consider some of the reasons dogs act this way, and then go over your options.

Reasons for Dogs’ Barking Issues

Although some dogs’ barking seems to have little rhyme or reason, it’s important to realize that most have a reason for doing it. That reason is not always obvious; it can include things that you don’t even think about, such as guarding territory from intruders, or simply a bad feeling about a visitor.

In some cases, chronic barking may be caused by some recurring part of your relationship with your dog. You should be careful not to leave it outside when it’s too hot or cold. Also, be sure to monitor its behavior when other dogs pass by your property. Believe it or not, chronic barking can even be caused by regular old boredom. In such cases, you may not see much improvement unless you interact with him more. As you can see, chronic barking can oftentimes be cured by determining the root cause of the problem.

What About Anti-Barking Devices?

You might also consider anti-barking devices sold by private companies. They are small units that hang around the canine’s neck and wait until they detect barking. When that happens, they produce a slight ultrasonic impulse or other discharge that attempts to prevent the dog from barking. In order to reduce harm, there are government agencies and nonprofit associations that create regulations surrounding these sorts of products, ensuring that any shocks or sonic pulses produced by the devices do not harm the animal. This means that an anti-barking device may be a reasonable purchase if you have trouble getting your dog to stop barking using other means.

Are They Really Safe?

Although anti-barking devices should be safe for almost all dogs, it should be kept in mind that each individual pet could respond in a unique way. Also, the regulations can be more less strict depending on your jurisdiction. This means that you may want to do your own research ahead of time and see how your dog reacts to wearing one. If it is particularly sensitive, you could consider using one of the milder products, such as the ones that spray water.

Final Thoughts on Bark Control

In the end, there are many reasons that your animal may be barking more than usual, as well as many alternatives for controlling that barking. Among these choices are commercial anti-barking products, which are effective for many dogs. Do your research well, and you might be surprised how well they work, especially combined with a proper training regimen and good communication.

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