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Secure Your Bike with the Best Bike Locks

Bicycles are stolen by the thousands each year, all over the world. The incidence of theft has risen with the increase in popularity of bikes. Many industrialists have noted the need for good bike locks and today, there are already a wide range of locks available in the market.

There are some things to keep in mind when buying a bike lock. Know first that is no such thing as an unbreakable lock. Using the right tools and techniques can break any lock. But there is such a thing as a good lock which is tough to break and which will discourage thieves from attempting to break.

Remember that the more expensive the lock is, the higher its level of security. If the lock that you buy for your bike is not of good quality, then you might just find you bike stolen one day. Despite being of low quality, it is much better than not locking your bike at all.

Locks come in different shapes and designs. You can find U-locks, cable locks, seat-wheel skewers and other types of bike locks in the market. Here is a description of how each of these locks work and what type suits your bike best.

if the lock has a U shape, then it is a U-lock. This design is popular and an offer the greatest security. It protects your bike from getting stolen by the use of hammers, chisels, and other hard tools. If the lock has a big U, it will not be ideal for your bike. The right type of U lock will prevent any tool from getting inserted into the horseshow shape of the lock. In choosing the best U lock, select the one small enough for your bike.

You can also use a cable lock for your bike. They are flexible locks but not as secure as the U locks. Cable locks are ideal for areas with low or moderate crime rates. If you want maximum security, you can combine a cable lock with a U lock.

There are also chain locks. These are tough locks and the size and toughness of the chain are very important factors. The chains of the chain lock are specially designed. The lock and the chain should be strong enough. Make sure you don’t buy a cheap lock for a fat chain. This lock is considerably heavy and is not at all handy to carry around.

You can also use seat and wheel skewers for your bike. These locks are not heavy and easy to bring around. This lock is easily broken. However you need special tools to break them and this is why they are popular.

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Lessons Learned About Products