A Brief Rundown of Vapes

Electronic Cigarettes – Should You Jump on the Bandwagon Too?

In this article, I will show you the tremendous benefits of using electronic cigarettes or sometimes called as vape. Say that you are a bit hesitant to leave your tobaccos behind and make the switch, then I recommend you to read the next paragraphs.

Number 1. No tobacco – electronic cigarettes are free from tobacco meaning, you can have your nicotine hit even without taking more than 4000 chemicals into your body which also include the 40 known carcinogens produced after burning tobacco. You probably are used to the oral fixation and gestures you get when smoking real cigarettes which is hard to get rid of, fortunately, you can still experience the same with your vape.

Number 2. No smoke – electric cigarettes don’t emit smoke that irritates others and the worst part, the smell can stick to your clothes, hair, walls and even your furniture. When it comes to vaping, you are presented with countless of flavors that you are sure to enjoy. But the only difference is that, the scent created by the latter isn’t going to linger.

Number 3. No ash – there is no flame or combustion created since it is electric and for that, you don’t have to deal with butts and ash.

Number 4. Get full control of your nicotine hit – e-liquids or simply juices come in different level of nicotine strengths ranging from minimum to highest. As a matter of fact, this is giving you full option of what level of nicotine you prefer to take. As a simple example, you may choose the level that match real cigarettes and if you want to quit smoking, you can slowly lower its level until you are free from it.

Number 5. The freedom to smoke anywhere, anytime – when compared to real cigarettes, you can actually vape to virtually anywhere you want as there’s no secondhand smoke being produced. This can be hotels, bars, offices and restaurants. You don’t have to excuse yourself only to step outside and find a spot to take your smoke break.

Number 6. Save more – even though the initial investment for buying unregulated high end mod that has customizable atomizer is a bit expensive compared to disposable starter kit, you can basically make bigger savings. The reason for this is that, you simply need to restock your juice to keep you going. Refilling the tank with juice can help in saving hundreds of dollars. The cost for vaping is 80 percent less than tobaccos.

Number 7. Eco friendly – we all know that improperly discarded cigarettes are what causing pollution and endangering other people’s health. This is less likely the problem when you use electronic cigarettes as what mentioned earlier, it’s electronically powered.

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