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Demystifying the Mysteries of Sensual Massage

Touching has the ability to speak a deep message. Emotional restoration can be achieved with a touch. A gentle stroke can bring down walls of coldness. That’s the mystery in a touch if it’s used with skill.

We all have that sensual side that stays alive in us till we die. It’s the part of us that makes us yearn to touch and to be touched. Many personality issues have sprung from lack of fulfillment of this desire right from

Bodily stroking can end with different forms of satisfaction. This gives the difference between sex and sensuality since sex generally ends after orgasm is achieved. Voluptuary massage involves all of a person’s concentration. Willing and in-depth interaction is what sensuality demands. Sex must not necessarily happen after a sensual massage session. Sensual massaging can be correctly termed as the height of soul bonding.

The beauty of sensual touch is in its way of giving and receiving in return. It hinges on the importance of deep healing, trust and connection. With it comes to the power to calm a disturbed soul, thus enabling spouses to open up to each other and get into each other’s world.

The ultimate secret of appetitive touch is a mutual sacrificial attitude, where you are willing to please your partner all the more than yourself. It entails putting the interests of your soul mate first. Many touch therapies between partners have ended up in resentment because one partner felt that they were giving more than the other.

Mundane moments in sensual massage are unlikely since they are driven by the dynamic emotional nature. At one moment, you may be all energetic and frisky, then in another moment you may be all relaxed and calm. Mundane moments during sensual massage sessions are, therefore, unlikely, due to the dynamic nature of the human soul.

The secret of sensual massaging is the task of your hands to discover. You are at the freedom of your sensual inclination during an appetitive stroking session. The game goes beyond the hands only. The entire body should be actively involved. Studies have revealed that such kind of committed massage sessions are more thrilling and the participants always hop onto each session with expectancy.

Just like the feeling a baby gets when being cuddled, rocked and stroked, the sensual rub-down sessions give a feeling of being safe and loved. Feeling safe and loved leads to trust, which opens hearts, ending up in deep and honest communication. In its own unique way, sensual touch between couples has brought healing and a deeper sense of love and understanding, thus even restoring failing marriages.

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